Dumping Your 'Old World' View

Make no mistake, the world out there is changing before your eyes. You are witnessing the death rattle of the nation state and the ideas that support it - and cracks are starting to appear everywhere.

The USA is losing the war in Iraq. Just consider that for a moment. The world's greatest high-tech military power cannot beat a low-tech street-smart insurgency. It's David and Goliath all over. The USA is also losing the economic "war" with China. No matter how much their law makers moan and groan about the trade deficit - the truth is China is keeping the USA afloat, and any attempt to start a trade war with them can only end up hurting the USA more.

France is losing the war against even modest economic reform. The French enjoy a coddled welfare state life, so much so that they bristle at any attempt to change it. And such has been the case with this latest attempt to amend labour laws to allow French employers to more easily hire and fire young people. French youth and unions would have none of it, and came out into the streets banners blazing. The government caved in.

China is losing the war against the free flow of information. Yes, they make a lot of noise, censor certain online content and blacklist certain domains - but the savvy Chinese hacker knows how to get around all of that. But the real achilles heel of the Chinese government's information control policy is the English language itself - something they have been actively encouraging their young people to learn. If you're Chinese and speak English, then there is virtually no control over what you can say and read online.

Zimbabwe - that country headed by one of the world's greatest tyrants, Robert Mugabe - is falling apart at the seams. With inflation heading for 1,000% it is in economic free fall, and all that remains is to literally turn out the lights and close the door. Unfortunately, there will be a massive amount of human suffering as a consequence.

The Solomon Islands, and many other South Pacific nations, are on the brink of economic and social collapse - and Australia's Prime Minister, John Howard, has already admitted that without considerable military and economic support, these countries are doomed to become "failed states".

I could go on and on. The daily news reads like Armageddon in the making - and I haven't even mentioned the biggest flash point of all yet - Iran.

If the USA or Israel attack Iran, then all bets are off as far as global stability is concerned. In fact, such an attack could be the catalyst for a global economic meltdown. Some people are saying that our "leaders" aren't stupid enough to start such a war and trigger all those unintended consequences. But I'm not holding my breath.

Yes, there's plenty of evidence out there for the collapse of the "old" order. And there's only so many fingers that can be put in the global "dike" to stave off various forms of disaster.

The world "out there" is certainly changing before our eyes. Trouble is, most people's perceptions about the world aren't changing fast enough, or even changing at all.

It's the world "in there", in our heads, that also needs to change dramatically. We need to bring our world view up to speed with what is really happening out there in the real world.

What's a world view? In short, it's the way you see the world. It's the way you were "taught" to see the world. It's the way those in authority want you to see the world.

Right from your first steps, to your first day at school and on to adulthood - you have been meticulously fed a particular world view.

It changes slightly with your cultural background - but not that much. And it changes slightly with each generation - but only incrementally. However, this is the first time in history where external reality demands that it undergoes serious fundamental change.

The existing common world view is based on a basic assumption - an assumption that is past its "use by" date and is no longer relevant or even helpful.

No matter what race or cultural background you come from, what religion you were brought up in, or what country you grew up in - one thing's for sure, you were taught that your life is not your own. You were taught that you owe a debt somewhere. A debt to society. A debt to your race. A debt to your family. A debt to your government. Even a debt to some supernatural power. In other words, your life was already mortgaged from the day you were born - to be paid off by serving the needs of others for the rest of your life.

I call that world view the "slave" assumption.

And how were you to repay that debt? By being a good citizen and doing what you were told. By obeying authority and not rocking the boat. By not questioning the status quo. And, of course, by paying your taxes!

You see, the "tax" issue is the crux of this problem. Tax is the system that funds the existing world order. It's your financial "contribution" that keeps it all going.

Have you ever stopped to think what you really get for your taxes? I can tell you, it's both a lot more and a lot less than you bargained for!

Here's a short list of "benefits": roads (often badly designed and maintained); medical care (if you're lucky); education (if you can call it that); police protection (what?) and justice (you hope!); the military (ostensibly to defend you in case of attack, but in reality a means of endangering your life via ongoing war).

All the above are the "poster boys" of the tax system - what you are told your money is used for. However, there are also all the "hidden" extras like: military build-up and war mongering; welfare transfer payments to support families other than your own; financial support for causes you may not agree with; grand schemes to bolster your leader's status; massive and wasteful bureaucracy; invasions of your privacy; erosion of your rights; interference in business; meddling in other nation's affairs; fiddling and corruption on a grand scale.

In fact, if you really think about it, what you get for your taxes - just the "poster boy" stuff - is pathetic, and the rest of the "package" is downright scary.

But, like sheep, most people don't protest - because tax is built into their world view. The injustice of tax is not even noticed, because its justification has been drilled into the subconscious corners of everyone's mind. You must pay tax because you "owe". It forms part of some "social contract" that you never signed up to - but are expected to comply with.

You don't believe me? Well, consider this:

Imagine you have a neighbour called "Joe". Imagine that one day he turns up on your doorstep and says, "Hey listen pal, I'm having trouble making ends meet - and I've noticed that you seem to do okay money wise. Well, it's simply not fair. So I want you to give me 40% of your income each week - so I can get by with some self-respect! And don't even think of not giving it to me, or I'll bring round some of my heavy friends to lean on you!"

Of course, you'd call this extortion. And you'd be right.

So, ask yourself this question: what makes the above scenario "extortion" when ONE individual demands your money because he needs it, but "social responsibility" when the same demands are made collectively by ALL the "Joes" out there - via a third party called the state?

Morally there is simply no difference. So the next time you get a twinge of guilt about paying as little tax as possible - remember you are simply responding according to the world view you were indoctrinated with. It's a knee-jerk reaction, that's all.

But change is in the air. The idea that your life and your cash is not your own is undergoing a revision. People are standing up and questioning this primitive morality. The very existence and growth of the offshore industry and more private forms of online commerce and communication is proof that individuals are taking their money and privacy seriously - and guarding it accordingly.

More and more people are questioning the authority of governments. More and more people are beginning to see the light - that they don't need what most governments are offering. The poor service and shoddy goods priced like an extortion racket, and the swathe of hidden and unwanted "extras".

The internet is making such thinking even easier to act on. Not only does it provide for the spread of information that liberates people - it also provides the means of achieving the personal and financial freedom that beckons those with the courage to step outside their old world view.

The old world view is one which sees you as a slave - a slave to a system that claims your life and property, and does this by taxing your effort, ambition, success, persistence and creativity.

The new world view is one which sees you as an autonomous individual - a unique person who should be free to lead your life as you wish (provided you leave others alone to do likewise), and to keep the results of your efforts and creativity. It's a world of unlimited possibility - a world of increasing wealth.

And that's precisely why those in power don't want you to achieve such freedom. If you are autonomous, wealthy and free, then you simply don't NEED them. And what would they do then?

If you're standing on the fringe, fascinated by the possibilities of asserting your own sovereignty, but haven't taken the plunge - then don't wait too long. Don't become a spectator, simply watching events unfurl around you and being carried by the tide of history. Change your world view. Become a participant in the "new order". Make your own history!

Yours in freedom

David MacGregor