How to Escape the Matrix and Gain
A Life of Freedom, Opportunity and Prosperity ...

Just like in the movie - The Matrix - the freedom we think we have is largely an illusion. The truth is, we're increasingly living in a fusion of those famous literary "futures" - Huxley's Brave New World and Orwell's 1984. But, cast your mind back - life was not always like that. And more importantly, it doesn't have to be. You can escape the matrix.

Have you ever dreamt you could fly?

I certainly have - many times. Apparently, it's quite common - almost a universal human yearning. And when I stand on the beach, watching birds swoop and glide - with graceful ease and obvious pleasure - I'm always reminded of why this image is so powerful and so enticing. It embodies the very idea of freedom.

When I was young, this "flying" dream seemed almost a nightly event. And knowing what I know now, that doesn't surprise me one bit. Why? Because as children we are full of dreams and hopes - and a sense of magical adventure.

Do you remember your childhood optimism? Do you remember how the world seemed full of possibilities - and how you used to dream of what you could be or achieve? And whenever young children are asked, "what do you want to be when you grow up" - are you not charmed, but also a little cynical, when you hear their often typical replies? Like, "I want to be an astronaut". Or, "I want to be an famous film star".

When we, as adults, hear such "naive" optimism - doesn't it perhaps strike a painful chord within - of lost innocence, of lost hope? Yes, at some point - most of us lost the big dream. Maybe not the "smaller" dreams, but more than likely we lost the belief that anything is possible in this world.

You probably don't remember exactly when it happened, when most your big dreams and aspirations slowly got squeezed out of you. That's not surprising. The process of being shaped into a compliant social unit starts early and gradually - with all the "NO" words we heard, and in the training camps we call schools. But at some point our inner fire was dampened, our grand hopes became "unrealistic" - and we settled for a "normal" life with smaller dreams - like most everyone else. Welcome to "reality". Welcome to the Matrix.

But it's a lie!

This "reality", we're all expected to accept, is in fact a prison. - a prison for your body, mind and spirit. Like in the movie, you are part of the Matrix. You see, this "reality" you've been brought up and educated into is, in fact, a matrix of force, fraud and fallacy, where your life is not your own - and where you have been robbed of your personal power.

  • Your life is not your own
  • Your money is not your own
  • You are subject to bureaucratic intrusions, regulations and scrutiny
  • You are taxed and levied like a serf in the Middle Ages
  • You are numbered, registered, watched and listened to
  • You are told what you can and cannot do - in the most personal of matters

In short, you are "bound and gagged" and subject to the arbitrary whims and edicts of a vast array of ever-expanding external authorities. Just as in the Matrix - where people thought they were free - the truth is, everyone is plugged into a vast virtual machine - a matrix of control and propaganda.

But it doesn't have to be that way!

You don't have to put up with it. You don't have to live in the Matrix. It's never too late to reverse the trend, to buck the system, and to assert your right to freedom and happiness - to declare yourself sovereign. You see, there is a real alternative to life in the "matrix". And if you've got the determination and the vision, then there is a way to escape - permanently.

There is another world out there where hope is rekindled and where opportunity is reborn. It's an alternative world - where power is devolved to the individual, and where you are no longer a cog in the wheel, or a number in some bureaucrat's database. It's a world of the sovereign individual - a person who has moved beyond the concept of "belonging" to a nation.

It's a world where you pay a lot less tax, or even none at all, where your assets are protected, and where your personal, business and financial affairs are completely private. It's a world where personal freedom flourishes, where YOU call the shots - and where anything is possible. A world without the Matrix.

However, it's a world that is virtually invisible right now, and known to very few - because it's in an early stage of development and evolution. It is still very much a hidden world.

To understand this emerging world, you need to understand how the present matrix of international power structures are crumbling, and why. You need to understand how the locus of power is shifting from the collective (the state) to the individual - resulting in the gradual demise of the sovereign nation state, and the rise of the sovereign individual. And you need to understand how, with the right knowledge, you can participate and benefit from the monumental changes that are underway.

You are at the crossroads of history - and the choices you make, from now into the near future, will have a dramatic impact on the rest of your life. It's time to leave the Matrix.

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