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Dear Friend...

Are you sick and tired of Big Brother breathing down your neck?

We certainly live in perilous times, and it's very likely the next few years will prove to be the most daunting and difficult in our entire lives.

Our political leaders flounder around trying to "fix" problems while making things worse - fiddling while Rome burns. And in the process they continue to burden us with more and more regulations and taxes, in the hope alleviating the debt burden they themselves are responsible for creating.

This process is turning us into "debt slaves", as banks and corporations are bailed out with money that has to be paid back by taxpayers - ordinary people like you and me. The fact is, you cannot trust the government to solve these enormous problems, or look after your interests. You must take the initiative, seize control and act in your own interest.

The most effective way to do this is to diversify the various economic elements of your life outside your home country and away from the clutches of the political class. This can include opening an offshore bank account and offshore asset protection, as well as international investing and business. Even your very life can be moved "offshore".

Do not allow yourself to remain hostage to political thuggery, interference, incompetence and mismanagement. Make a decision to think and act in ways that will ensure what you have worked hard to achieve will not be squandered or looted by those who deign to "rule" over you. Believe me, government is not your friend and you need to discover how to remove its tentacles from your life.

In the free e-course I offer below, you will learn various "internationalist" strategies that show you how to take advantage of the different laws in different countries, and to use these differences to maximise your personal and financial freedom.

Taking charge of your life in this way is to assert your rights as a sovereign individual, and to repudiate anyone else's right to, or claim on, your life. It's a declaration of personal independence.

So if you're looking for ways to protect what is yours and want to take action to ensure your life is not ruined by unaccountable "elites", then...

I invite you to shift your perspective and explore the ideas and strategies disclosed in my FREE eCourse: The 7 Steps to Freedom - A Personal Action Guide to Achieving More Personal & Financial Freedom.

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The 7 Steps to Freedom** eCourse provides an introduction to the world of offshore bank accounts*, asset protection, investing, business and international living, and reveals critical information you need to know on the following important topics:

  • How to declare your personal independence
  • How to protect your money via an offshore bank account
  • How to protect yourself against currency devaluation
  • How to protect your assets with an offshore trust or company
  • How to leverage your wealth by investing offshore
  • How to maximise your freedom with a fully portable occupation
  • How to obtain a second residency or passport as "life insurance"

You're only a mouse click away from a completely new way of looking at the world

Discover the powerful set of strategies that will enable you to achieve your personal and financial freedom goals and dreams. Don't delay, click here to get my free 7 Steps to Freedom eCourse now. Your life may literally depend on it!

Yours in freedom,

David MacGregor

P.S. Here's what just a few readers have said about the 7 Steps to Freedom eCourse:

"Dear David,

I wanted you to know how much I have learned from you. I am truly grateful for all the wonderful information I have received. I stumbled into finding your website. I have been absorbing as much as a can read. I read it all! You have given me a sense of peace that I am not alone in the way I feel about sovereignty. I know that I have many options now because of your emails and reports. I know the time is coming soon to make the necessary changes to my life."

- Elizabeth Toplin

"Your reports are some of the most fascinating and informative I've ever read (and I subscribe to plenty). A profound perspective on the world that few enlightened individuals will ever possess. Keep up the good work!"

- Chris L

"Dear David,

I must say I am very impressed with your information. My joy is to read your e-mails and they are my eye-opener. I have high opinion of your knowledge and it is very appopriate with my thinking." -

Dung Anh Nguyen

"I'd like to once again join my compliments to those who have offered far more eloquent praises for your writing ability. It is one thing to be a word-smith, and quite another to aggregate the huge amount of inflowing data we are being bombarded with daily and re-presenting it to your readers in a well-thought-out analysis. Quite simply, I enjoy reading your commentaries, even as I receive actionable intelligence from them."

- El Hombre Viejo

"Dear David,

I wanted to thank you for your work and tell you that it’s given me a whole new way of looking at my future (I’m not-too-bad 64... so it was time). It's also helping me plan for that and avoid a max of problems."

- Maureen Abbott


I continue to enjoy your insightful and outspoken views and interpretations of our society and how it affects each one of us.  Keep it up and much success with the new format.  I await your next tryst each time in comes to my email box."

- James Still

"Hi David,

just to say thanks for all the brilliant stuff- newsletters, book recommendations and all the fabulous stuff that's changed and still changing my life."

- Jack White

"Dear David,

got the report! If I were younger, I would be Gung Ho to go, but I'm eighty now, and just want to protect what is left, for my sons. Your articles are nothing short of great, and I hope millions will follow, but I'm thinking most are of the "sheep" variety. Once you're in the harnesses, it's hard to free yourself."

- Tom Zagel

"Thank you for all of the wonderful advice and the tools that you give in your emails. I appreciate that I do not get inundated with fluffy emails from you every day, and when I get an email from you, I can know that I WANT to read it, because it is always to the point and often full of information that - although I may not be able to get to it now - I know is of importance and should be addressed at the earliest convenience."

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"I have been really enjoying your reports, jam-packed with insights from striving for clarity on the real important challenges of our times - both globally and personally. It cuts through all of the garbage and gets right to the core of things."

- Don S

* Why Open an Offshore Bank Account?

The idea of opening an offshore bank account produces various reactions in different people. One imagines wealthy people stashing their money in private banks, or if the mainstream media is to be believed, offshore banking is all about money laundering or drug cartels!

Such extreme views of what it is obscures the main point. Put simply, "offshore" means somewhere other than your place of residence. So the answer to the question - what is an offshore account? - is simply a bank account in a country other than your own.

Another concern that many people have is the fear that banks away from home may not be as safe. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, most offshore banks would be considered a lot safer than your own domestic banks - particularly in these uncertain economic times.

So what are the main advantages, and how to open an offshore account? Opening such an account is not difficult and many banks around the world welcome non-resident account holders. As to advantages: they include such things as being able to protect what is yours; more financial privacy; to provide access to offshore funds and investments; and to provide more secure asset protection.

And of course, online offshore banking is an indispensable tool for those conducting international business. If you are doing business on the net and earning income from the many online opportunities available, then an account with an offshore bank, combined with an offshore merchant account, offers a powerful tool for the online entrepreneur.

Yes, opening an offshore bank account the first step on the road to freedom, privacy and new possibilities.

** 7 Steps to Freedom

This eCourse contains information on how to achieve greater personal and financial freedom through offshore banking, offshore asset protection and investment strategies - and international business opportunities.

Personal freedom is defined as the freedom to make choices in order to achieve your personal goals in life, and to have full control of all your property. Financial freedom is defined as having sufficient funds that, when invested, will generate enough income to support the lifestyle of your choosing - without the need to work.

Money is a tool of freedom and financial privacy is a prerequisite to individual freedom. One of the most powerful ways of achieving both personal and financial freedom is to make effective use of offshore banking and asset protection strategies using tax havens. These include protecting your assets by the use of an offshore trust or foundation; keeping your money in an offshore bank account; doing business using an offshore company and investing offshore.

These banking and investment strategies are alternatively known as internationalising your personal and business life, and can involve living and doing business and banking in different countries, as well as using the internet to earn income in different jurisdictions.

International living, international business and offshore investments all open up a wealth of profitable opportunities for those with an eye on the global stage. This type of international lifestyle appeals particularly to those with a strong desire for personal freedom and independence - people who often subscribe to anarchistic ideas and a general libertarian philosophy of life - as outlined in Ayn Rand's novel  Atlas Shrugged. Sometimes these people refer to themselves as an "internationalist" or "sovereign individual", an expatriate or even simply as "PT" - perpetual traveler. But their common desire is to protect their assets, build their wealth and maximise their practical freedom.

The bottom line is that it's each individual's right to be free, to be free of coercion. And in this regard, the nation state is the biggest aggressor against such freedom. Just one example: if you do your banking at "home", then your funds can be seized on the slightest pretext. Whereas by using an offshore account and offshore asset protection strategies, you are practising financial self defence and protecting yourself against possible financial ruin.

A sovereign individual learns how to play the "nation state" game to his or her own advantage - by learning and applying such offshore banking, investment and asset protection strategies - which are just part of a complete arsenal of tools for the serious freedom seeker. The 7 Steps to Freedom eCourse is designed as an introduction to this fascinating world.